My reasons for change

My reasons for change

Not just a brand…. It’s a lifestyle! We can succeed and be messy, it is not all business suits and fancy things. It is about pursuing our dream. Our dreams are what make us happy, right?

I dream of creating a life with freedom. I want to travel the UK in our VW T4 camper - where me, my husband, our two children and our two fur babies can explore our beautiful country. Eventually I will buy my own camper, have it wrapped in my own designs and travel to festivals across the UK meeting lots of other creative people. I needed to escape working for someone else for my own sanity and feel passionate about motivating others to do the same. I spent too many years thinking I had to follow the rules of society and that was the only option. Now I have found the strength and courage to ignore the “it’s just what we have to do” and the “that’s life, I’m afraid“ I feel free and ready for life!  I know life has bumps and the Ferris wheel of life will be continually going up and down - I am not naive to life’s struggles. However,  being able to let go of others opinions and go with my heart seems to have lifted such a weight from my shoulders!! I don’t just want to sell my designs and make money, I want to build a life of freedom for me and my family whilst inspiring others to do the same. 

I have built this brand from the heart of our home - the living room. Every design is unique and is drawn digitally by myself before I print and heat press them onto the products. I am inspired through my love of mantras and quotes and I hope to make others smile and feel empowered too.

Art is the most amazing release - and can be done anywhere! I spend most of my evenings drawing and writing to unwind and thought why not turn that passion into profit and create a life we don’t feel the need to escape. Fast forward a few months, here we are, doing exactly that!

I hope you all enjoy watching our products grow and the new designs unfold. It is going to be awesome and I am so happy to welcome you all to the Spirit Owl family 🧡 




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