What is Orange and How Can it be Harnessed?

What is Orange and How Can it be Harnessed?

You may have noticed I like the colour the orange? A colour that I always seem to be drawn to, along with reds and yellows. Being spiritually minded I like to research the meaning of just about anything and everything that I do (potentially the main contributor to my over active, anxious brain). What I discovered was really interesting.

Orange is not a primary colour but a combination of red and yellow. These two hues are often associated with thrill and vigor and when blended, they produce a lively shade in orange. It is often associated with optimism, confidence, enthusiasm, warmth and because of its brightness it can help people to feel outgoing and bold. That being said, it is not always seen in such a positive light and can be represented as a negative colour because of its connection to Autumn, with leaves falling and the temperature starting to drop. I, however, see what some see as negative, to be the opposite. Autumn represents change, but for me that is a good thing, it is a time that nature takes a break, it rests, ready to bloom again in spring. This has been a really important lesson for me, I never wanted to stop and rest, because I felt like I was not achieving if I wasn't involved in everything. Looking back, I have always loved the autumn colour palette, I wonder, was the universe sending these forces for a reason. I was being drawn to where I am now, happy to take time out and rest? In Southeast Asia, Buddhist wear orange robes to symbolise simplicity, something I now look to achieve through Spirit Owl. So thank you 'orange' for guiding me to this mindset!

So it seems science has spoken - my orange designs will help you to feel bold and outgoing, they’ll bring you confidence, optimism, enthusiasm and warmth. Plus they’ll spread all that goodness to anyone around you too 🧡 Join me in spreading some sunshine throughout all the seasons! 



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