What is kindness?

What is kindness?

What is kindness? I once read a quote that stuck with me - “kindness doesn’t cost a thing, yet it’s the richest gift you can give”. I fully believe kindness is in all of us, it’s apart of Human Nature, although some may have to look a little bit harder to find it.  This was my downfall for many years because I like to see the potential in people and believe that not everybody is completely evil or wrong all the time. I lost faith in humanity, I felt like no one was kind anymore, and everyone in the world was looking to gain something for themselves and not support those around them. I suppose you could say I became a bit bitter.


Since the pandemic and a few life changes, I’ve been on a bit of a journey of self discovery and I have found the importance of kindness. Over the years, we go through break ups, get hurt and start to feel like - why should I do that, why should I be kind to that person? Or on the flip side - I can’t say no to that person because they are always so kind to me. But if we continue with that mindset we will become ill. I’ve learnt a really important lesson about staying true to who you are and what you can give, regardless of how others treat you. In order to be at peace you need to be kind to yourself first. In doing so, it’ll make you a much better person. When you look within and work on your responses to the outside world, it changes how you behave. Being kind to yourself and setting necessary boundaries allows you to be a better person that has far more to offer.


I worry that in today’s society we are so fixated on being the best, and with the help of social media, we are all working to unrealistic targets. I often find when it comes to self-care and being kind to yourself many believe it is selfish, but, if you think about the oxygen mask analogy on a plane, in order to help others you have to secure your own mask first.


In my opinion, the richest gift of kindness should not just be reserved for others, an equal amount should be shared with yourself……Now, get that kettle on and except when your day has been a rough one, you can cancel your plans and run a hot bath, and still be a good, kind person. Trust me, your nervous system will thank you for it.


Spread so much kindness to yourself that you can’t contain it all and it seeps out, everywhere you go, brightening the days of strangers!

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