It’s a vibe enamel mug! Retro style design. Mug held over the shadow of two skaters in France.

My Mission

Time to change the narrative, break free from the chains and make a life that is authentic and full of joy! Society is tough and I often find most people are struggling to maintain a life that they do not truly want. They feel trapped in a world - told to live a particular way and feel scared to do anything that doesn't conform with the 'norm'. It has to change!

Through my own mental health journey I have left the world of employment behind to pursue my dream. My passion has always been psychology and after finding it too difficult to work in the industry, I have created my own way to support others that may be suffering, mentally. I create gifts to motivate, empower and elevate,  anyone in need of a lift.

Spreading joy and colour in dark times, to those in need of connection and positivity in this crazy world. Whilst creating a lifestyle for me and my family that allows us to take the adventures we crave without the restriction of employment.

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